The Ideal Senate Structure

I have over five years of experience working with an Academic Senate, which has provided me great insight as to what I feel is an effective way to influence policy and practice at an institution.  If I was a recently appointed President at an institution, charged with creating an Academic Senate, I would opt to develop a Functional Senate.  According to Minor (2004), a functional senate “primarily operate[s] to represent and protect the interest of faculty in university decision making…The senate membership is elected and representative, usually acting through a faculty-led executive committee…The senate usually maintain[s] authority in areas that are traditionally the domain of the faculty such as curriculum, promotion, tenure, and academic standards…functional senates are not particularly assertive and usually do not set their own agenda.  Instead, they respond to the initiatives and actions of the administration or issues that arise from the environment” (p. 348-349).  Through my work with the UCLA Academic Senate, I had great exposure to the operations of a functional senate.  This Senate was able to create a true, united, voice of the faculty.  While the Senate was not always a favorite of the administration, I believe that their input was always respected.  I believe the pure operations of a functional senate provides the foundation for success; while other senate models (e.g. Influential Senates, Ceremonial Senates, and Subverted Senates) may only provide either a controversial or symbolic voice that is never actually heard.  With a functional senate, the faculty is given the opportunity to make a true contribution and this contribution is vital to the success of an institution of higher education.

My Online Image

What am I leaving behind, what is my internet footprint?  In an ideal world – if my name were Googled, it would take internet users to my photo, my career, and a list of hobbies.  In reality, when you Google “Alison Potter” a child psychiatrist from Berkeley, CA is the first match.

To me, creating a digital identity is to create a positive reflection of myself for the whole world to see.  A place where I could send people to get some insight to me life.  Something to be proud of, something in which you don’t fear potential employers, friends, co-workers, or mother-in-laws digging up any dirt.


Digital Me

Using social media isn’t a new concept to me, I started using Facebook my sophomore year of high school with the stipulation that I had to have my mom as a friend so that she could monitor my activity. We are still friends in case you’re curious but we have had to have several talks bout sending friend requests to everyone I add, liking posts and pictures that I’m tagged in and asking before posting embarrassing pictures for all the world to see. This relationship is also how I view my digital presence. Most would say that I’m over protective considering that I don’t post about every little detail of my life and that I only share moments and approve posts that I want seen by the world. I have tried joining other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and now blogging through word press. For some of these I’m super active on because the intent is very similar to that of my Facebook existence but for others, mainly Twitter and Word Press, I’m struggling because I do not always know where the line between to much updating and personal intervention truly is. I do hope to however start blogging more about my experiences and life from this point on.

Feel free to follow me on my journey.

Instagram: @cbombara

Twitter: @cbombara5

See you soon and don’t be surprised if I follow back to see your journey!


Digital Girl in a Digital World

Creating a digital identity begins with accepting the fact that that image is not set in stone, and will most likely evolve. Technology is an ever-changing element that is full of possibilities. These possibilities allow for an extreme amount of access, which in turn tells me THINK BEFORE YOU POST! It is about being authentic, while also catering your image to be appropriate to your lifestyle. My digital identity would consist of most of the things that make up who I am, but also realizing that I cannot advertise my entire life for everyone to see because that information is not always accessed with the best intentions. I am a digital girl, in a digital world who is consistently looking to pair technology with who I am!


Portraying an Image Means Responsibility and Opportunity

Having to be raised in Mexico under a very conservative family, image was always something we are women had to take care of at all times. It was devastating if people would be negatively gossiping about you or your family in any way; therefore, keeping a good reputation has always been important to me.

Creating a digital identity is simply a way to expose my knowledge to the public. I have always been a true believer that any great opportunity that comes along your way needs to be considered and taking a chance for. When I think about creating an image digitally, I think about opportunities. What would be necessary to include for maybe employers to consider me to be part of their organization?

It also comes hand-in-hand with a huge responsibility, of maintaining an excellent image regardless of the situation or purpose.


My thoughts on creating a digital identity…

I like the idea of having a digital identity as a reference point. (Tell me about yourself, Stephanie. Well…I have this WordPress site.) It’s the pressure that goes along with having this, yes digital and editable, image which I find difficult. It is give & take relationship. Here is this thing that I am putting out there to speak for me when I am not talking aloud. So what do I have to say…

Be kind. I’m like you, because we are all more similar than we are different. Feel free to comment, but try not to judge me.

…All of this is in progress and can go away in a few clicks.


Digital Identity

Digital identity is a reflection of oneself. It provides information about one’s values and beliefs. It gives one a sense of freedom to disclose one’s true identity. However, one has to beware of the content posted online such as images, posts, and websites. Having a digital identity has its advantages as it allows oneself to connect with individuals/companies across the globe. In a nut shell, it provides access that before was denied.





What does it mean to create my digital identity?

Creating a digital identity is extremely important, especially within the realm of professional progression.  While people may hear bits and pieces about who you are, when they are interested in learning more about who you, what you have done, and whether or not you may be qualified to do more, it is useful to have documented evidence, a concrete presence that can be referred to and explored by the inquirer at their speed.  In addition to providing people with more information, an online presence also helps people discover you for the first time.  Creating a digital identity has taken the idea of networking to places it was never able to go to before.

I am extremely excited to begin my digital identity through this EPortfolio.  I have worked hard to garner the education I have earned and also to develop the professional skills and experience I have.  This webpage offers the opportunity for me to display that work for the world to see.  It is my hope that through this EPortfolio I can educate people about who I am professionally and some of my guiding personal values.  I look forward to taking this journey with you!

Digital Identity

Creating a digital identity means creating a professional image for networking and opening up the possibility for new career opportunities to come my way.  This is separate from a personal digital identity which needs to be monitored very carefully so that what is out on the web is appropriate and won’t damage your professional image should someone come across your personal information.