My Digital Identity

My digital identity is  way for my to portray who I am not just through the words I type but by sharing more of my personality  through customization of my e-portfolio. The digital world  is host to endless opportunities to market yourself as well as share whatever you want with whoever you want. It allows for the opportunity to be more accessible. My digital identity is a way for future employees to gather a snapshot of who I am as a professional and a person. I truly believe that you need to take the time to hire the right fit for each position out there and not everyone can be molded to a certain job function. My hope is that my digital identity will not only help employers make an inference about me but allows me to communicate who I am in order to find my right fit.

My current digital identity tells people where I work, CI events I have been a part of, past club involvement, my basketball stats from high school, as well as various social media profiles. Understanding what is already out in the world about me my only hope is to complement what already exists with a more holistic picture.

Digital Identity