Digital Me

Using social media isn’t a new concept to me, I started using Facebook my sophomore year of high school with the stipulation that I had to have my mom as a friend so that she could monitor my activity. We are still friends in case you’re curious but we have had to have several talks bout sending friend requests to everyone I add, liking posts and pictures that I’m tagged in and asking before posting embarrassing pictures for all the world to see. This relationship is also how I view my digital presence. Most would say that I’m over protective considering that I don’t post about every little detail of my life and that I only share moments and approve posts that I want seen by the world. I have tried joining other social media like Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and now blogging through word press. For some of these I’m super active on because the intent is very similar to that of my Facebook existence but for others, mainly Twitter and Word Press, I’m struggling because I do not always know where the line between to much updating and personal intervention truly is. I do hope to however start blogging more about my experiences and life from this point on.

Feel free to follow me on my journey.

Instagram: @cbombara

Twitter: @cbombara5

See you soon and don’t be surprised if I follow back to see your journey!

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