Campus Chasm – The Great Divide

In many aspects of life, there is often the assumption that there is a winner and loser. Individuals thrive on competition and the desire to be one step ahead! The Campus Chasm situation explains how Academic Affairs and Student Affairs feel they are superior to one another, closing with a student explaining that they felt that was not the case. Both aspects play a crucial role in the overall function and success of the institution, and the first step to bridging this gap is awareness. The administration of both areas need to be on board with this realization, and work to communicate this message from the top down. Through unity comes the opportunity for achievement. Living the mission of an institution is an indication that there is some level of awareness present. Exposing staff and faculty to foreign environments/experiences will assist in creating a greater appreciation for the two areas purpose and an opportunity for clarity. In turn, individuals will feel more prepared for the possible conflicts that may arise and have a greater likelihood of how to take action. People have to be wiling to stand up and act on what they/the institution believes in! Acceptance will naturally come from the implementation of all these steps.

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