Team Project – Student Lead Briefings on Readings

Students will be assigned to one of three “project teams” and will be responsible to developing a lesson about one of three frames (Human Resource, Symbolic or Political) from the Bolman and Deal (2008) text, Reframing organizations: Artistry, Choice, and leadership (5th Ed.).  Presentation dates are noted on the weekly calendar.


  • Conduct a 30-45 minute lesson on your assigned chapters and present to the class
    • Provide clear learning goals/objectives of your lesson
    • Prepare a Presentation Aid, handouts, etc, for your lesson
    • Incorporate active learning strategies to engage students and employ innovative teaching strategies
    • Include a Q & A session



CONTENT Points Possible
Provided clear learning objectives of lesson 15
Presentation was provided in 10-20 minutes, was a review of key concepts from the chapter; used effective presentation aid 50
Incorporated active learning strategies (included Q & A session)* 40
Subject knowledge – group demonstrated full knowledge (more than required) by answering all class questions with explanations and elaboration. 15
Mechanics – presentation was free of grammatical errors 15
Team choreography – Presentation was well choreographed and showed team work. 15
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