Leadership E-Portfolio

Overview *

One of the culminating projects for this class is the Leadership E-portfolio, which can serve as a framework to be expanded upon throughout your graduate and professional experience. The e-portfolio is designed to prepare you with a digital representation of your knowledge, competencies, and experiences for future job searches. E-portfolios will be created using WordPress and must include the following:

  • Resume (reviewed by Career Development Services)
  • About Me
    • About me: include general information about you appropriate for visitors to your e-portfolio.
  • Leadership reflections (blog posts from class (if any) — as you are comfortable sharing…)
  • Professional Competency Reflection (see below for more information)
    • Leadership

Students may choose to include other information such as description and evidence of teaching experience, educational or teaching philosophy, and coursework completed.

Site Structure – Due 5/28 *

You will set up the navigation menu and appearance of your site (which will be your e-portfolio).  This should be a strong visual representation of the your work therefore, you should plan to explore the various theme options provided in WordPress.  Visit Lynda.com for training videos on creating custom menus, selecting themes, customizing header image, customizing menus, using widgets, etc. (you must log into MyCI BEFORE clicking on the links to Lynda.com).  I will also provide class time to work on portfolios.

Your menu must include the following:

  • Resume (reviewed by Career Development Services)
  • About me
  • Leadership reflections (blog posts)
  • Professional competency reflection (leadership)

Draft – Due Thursday, June 11 *

A draft of the content for the e-portfolio will be submitted before the final draft allowing time for you to receive peer feedback, me provide feedback and you to make updates.

  • Submit draft of eportfolio contents via CI Learn (in .doc or .docx format)
    • CI Learn>Assignment Submission>E Portfolio Draft
  • Upload to Google Drive, make sure to change the name of the file to have your last name at the beginning,  put it in the “Eportfolio Drafts” folder

You must take your resume to Career Development Services (CDS) to receive feedback BEFORE submitting your draft. Failure to receive feedback from CDS will result in a 20% deduction of your final e-portfolio grade.


Final & Presentation *

A final version of the Leadership E-Portfolio is due by the last day of class and should reflect revised content (based on feedback from me and CDS) and an aesthetically pleasing theme that would attract audiences. You will provide a 5-7 minute overview of your Leadership E-Portfolio and reflections on the course on finals day. A rubric for this presentation will be provided.



Professional Competency Reflection *

Students will reflect upon content covered in previous courses taken during their time in this program and content learned through co-curricular experiences. In this section of the e-portfolio, students will provide a comprehensive narrative that describes:

  • Summarize your understanding of competency area
  • What was learned related to the Leadership Core Competency
  • What curricular (e.g. classes) and co-curricular experiences provided exposure to content in the Leadership Core Competency (e.g. HOW the information described above was learned)

Additionally, students will need to include evidence of experiences and learning in e-portfolio.  Evidence can include, but is not limited to: course assignments, papers and reflections; meeting agendas; letters of appreciation/recognition, etc.  Click here to learn more about  the Professional Competency Areas for Student Affairs Professionals.  It is only necessary to complete the Leadership Competency Reflection for this class (others will be filled in later).


How to represent this information on the e-portfolio *

Though you are only required to submit a reflection on the Leadership competency, you should include a page/place on your site for each competency area.  The vision is that you would fill this content in throughout the remainder of your time in your program.   To set up pages/places for the competency area reflections, students will need to create a custom navigation menu to provide a drop down menu under “Professional Competency Area Reflection.”  Evidence (e.g. documents) can be uploaded as multimedia in WordPress and inserted onto each page OR uploaded into GoogleDrive and linked to WordPress (don’t forget to reference the lynda.com videos (must login through CI) if you need help (or just let me know).


Rubrics *

E-Portfolio Draft *

Points Possible
Resume (confirmed feedback from Career Center) 20
About Me  20
Leadership Professional Competency Reflection (introduced competency, described how and what he/she learned, provided evidence of learning) 10


E-Portfolio Final *

Points Possible
Resume (reflecting feedback from instructor and peers) 20
About Me (reflecting feedback from instructor and peers) 20
Professional Competency Reflection (introduced competency, described how and what he/she learned, provided evidence of learning – reflecting feedback from instructor and peers) 40
Mechanics 10
Aesthetics 10


E-Portfolio Presentation *

Points Possible
Provided a brief (approx. 1 minute) tour through site 20
Described key learning points for leadership competency (approx. 2 minutes) 40
Discussed plan for maintaining and updating e-portfolio (approx. 30 seconds) 10
Described top 2 lessons learned through creating an e-portfolio (approx. 1 minute) 15
Delivery: Mechanics, eye contact, organization, elocution 15


Presentation should be no longer than 5 minutes.

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