Issue Scans


Students will scan the external environment by reading publications of various higher education professional organizations (e.g. the Chronicle of Higher Education, Inside Higher Education, and/or the Community College Times).  As students read current events, they will identify emerging issues and trends which are or will impact higher education institutions.

As students are reviewing possibilities for issues, they must prepare and narrate slides for a collaborative VoiceThread, facilitate a discussion about the issue with the class and submit a comment summarizing all comments made on scan by peers.  The issue scan assignment will occur as part of an online module.


  • Create slides that address the requirements of rubric
  • Upload slides to collaborative VoiceThread (located on CI Learn in our class)
  • Narrate slides by adding VIDEO comments
  • Check in on comments left on presentation and respond/address comments
  • Post a summative comment to close the conversation and summarize all comments made on scan by peers.


Points Possible Points Earned
Provided description of current issue discovered through completing environment scan (using VIDEO commenting in VoiceThread) – 2-3 minutes 10
Summarized how issue might be evaluated through the frames (those that are most applicable for analyzing the issue but at least 2) – 3-4 minutes 15
Provide 2-3 discussion questions for classmate response 5
Facilitated discussion (responding to peer comments and questions) 5
Posted summative comment concluding discussion that wraps up all key points made by speakers 5
Used effective presentation slides 5


Presentation should last no more than 5-7 minutes; 20 points will be deducted for extending beyond the time provided.

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