What does it mean to create my digital identity?

Creating a digital identity is extremely important, especially within the realm of professional progression.  While people may hear bits and pieces about who you are, when they are interested in learning more about who you, what you have done, and whether or not you may be qualified to do more, it is useful to have documented evidence, a concrete presence that can be referred to and explored by the inquirer at their speed.  In addition to providing people with more information, an online presence also helps people discover you for the first time.  Creating a digital identity has taken the idea of networking to places it was never able to go to before.

I am extremely excited to begin my digital identity through this EPortfolio.  I have worked hard to garner the education I have earned and also to develop the professional skills and experience I have.  This webpage offers the opportunity for me to display that work for the world to see.  It is my hope that through this EPortfolio I can educate people about who I am professionally and some of my guiding personal values.  I look forward to taking this journey with you!

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