What’s the problem in the Campus Chasm and how can it be solved?

In so many words, campus chasm is academic affairs vs. student affairs.

Two major houses in the land of colleges and universities but the issue is they do not seem to work well together. One would think that they understand their role in the business of higher education, but those two affairs continue to separate themselves from each other. On one side, academic affairs points to student affairs and says: College is about learning. From the other side of campus, student affairs points to academic affairs and says: College is about development. The answer to make all this blame game go away is: Collaboration. In an article titled Campus Chasm, author Gwen Dungy writes, “It’s time to move beyond talking, accept responsibility, and take action.” The time for student affairs to create relationships with their faculty and academic affairs to learn about their students outside of the classroom. Then we can all focus on the real subject at hand: the students.

Take a look at the article to read more about campus chasm: https://www.insidehighered.com/views/2011/12/23/essay-lack-understanding-between-academic-and-student-affairs


My thoughts on creating a digital identity…

I like the idea of having a digital identity as a reference point. (Tell me about yourself, Stephanie. Well…I have this WordPress site.) It’s the pressure that goes along with having this, yes digital and editable, image which I find difficult. It is give & take relationship. Here is this thing that I am putting out there to speak for me when I am not talking aloud. So what do I have to say…

Be kind. I’m like you, because we are all more similar than we are different. Feel free to comment, but try not to judge me.

…All of this is in progress and can go away in a few clicks.